1. Placement: A lot of people think they have to find a place for the tree in a corner or squished between pieces of furniture; simply moving the furniture, though, can create a beautiful space for your tree.
2. Lights: When you add a string of lights to your tree, make sure you bury them deep in the branches to add a glowing look.
3. Ornaments: Start with the larger ornaments first. You can add some depth to your tree by placing metallic branches throughout. If you don't have a lot of ornaments collected, using cheaper, big bulbs still offers the same stunning look. You can also use organic materials such as pine-cones dipped in white paint.
4. Gifts: No matter what age you are, everyone loves seeing gifts under the tree. Use a piece of fabric as the tree skirt. To display the gifts, create different layers by stacking the gifts or creating levels.

Now you have the perfect Christmas tree! I hope you found this article helpful in getting your home ready