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  • 5 Tips to Improve the Chances of Selling Your Home During the Winter

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    5 Tips to Improve the Chances of Selling Your Home During the Winter

    Written by The Bucher Group

    Spring and summer are known as the best months to sell your home. However, it isn’t always possible to wait. Sometimes you may find that you have to move quickly. With that in mind, here are some tips to improve the chances of selling your home during the winter:

    Make sure your home is winter-ready
    Texas winters are usually more temperate than the rest of the United States. But, even though we won't get tons of snow (if any), it is still essential to ensure your home is ready. First, hire a professional to inspect your HVAC system and ensure it is in good working order – contact us if you need recommendations. Also, make sure the air filter is new and the humidifier has a new pad. Other important items include winterizing exterior hose bibs, cleaning out the gutters, inspecting the roof and caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows. Click here for a complete list to prepare your home for the winter.

    Ensure your landscaping looks great
    Even during the winter, landscaping is important to potential buyers. Make sure you clean up any fallen leaves in the yard and add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. Peeling paint never looks good!

    Brighten up inside
    The cold and damp weather shouldn’t follow you inside. In other words, ensure the inside of your home is warm and inviting by turning on all the lights, lighting a fire and incorporating throw pillows and blankets.

    Don’t over decorate
    Who doesn’t love holiday decorations? We know we do. However, don’t go overboard. Think minimal and appealing: lights on the house, Christmas tree, garland, wreath on the front door, etc. You don’t want the holiday decorations to overpower the house.

    Be flexible
    Negotiate with an open mind as many buyers will want to be in their new home before the start of the year. Being flexible on timing can go a long way with buyers.

    While we can’t guarantee these tips will sell your home, we can say they will definitely improve your chances!

    Are you considering a home sale this winter? Give our team a call. We are always available to help.