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  • 5 inexpensive ways to be environmentally friendly at home this summer - without breaking the bank!

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    5 inexpensive ways to be environmentally friendly at home this summer - without breaking the bank!


    It can be difficult to be eco conscience –especially when you don’t know where to start! Here are 5 tips to help you start your journey, beginning at home.

    1. Switch out your lightbulbs

    The standard lightbulbs we use at home are highly inefficient and lose a lot of their energy to heat. By switching your light bulbs out to CFL’s or LED’s you could cut down your energy bill and reduce your waste as they last a lot longer. Here’s a link for more information - https://www.npr.org/2014/01/24/265489559/nprs-guide-to-changing-light-bulbs

    1. Cover your pool when you’re not using it

    Not surprisingly in the summer time, your pool water evaporates at a much faster rate than other times of the year. Reduce water use by reducing the amount your pool needs to be refilled. Covering your pool also keeps it cleaner for longer – meaning fewer chemicals used to maintain it!

    1. Go paperless

    De-clutter your home while helping the earth. Going paperless allows you to cut down on waste, reduces the amount of trees that need to be cut down, and lets you keep your home more organized. Arrange for some of the mail you receive to be sent electronically! Also, here is a handy app that stops junk mail from coming to your house - https://www.paperkarma.com/

    1. Plant an organic garden

    Planting your own garden saves on trips to the supermarket, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. Planting your own produce also cuts down on the amount of harmful pesticides and chemicals you introduce into your home, which in turn helps the environment. You could also make this a fun project for you and your family as you get your kids involved! Here is an article to help you get started on planting your own garden - https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/09/29/growing-your-own-food-at-home-is-easy-heres-how_a_21483651/

    1. Unplug phone chargers when not in use

    Shockingly, even when not in use, plugged in chargers still waste energy.  Unplugging your phone chargers when they’re not in use could mean less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Such a simple thing can mean big changes for the environment.


    What are some ways you guys go green around the house? Comment below. We’d love to hear your tips!