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  • 6 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    6 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

    Written by The Bucher Group

    How do you ensure your home stands out? Simple. Increase its appeal. As it turns out; appeal plays a significant role in selling your home. But, how do you know what will appeal to potential buyers? From simple fixes to completely replacing items, here are six ways to increase your home’s appeal:

    Increase your home's appeal

    Walls without scratches and dings are a major selling factor for many buyers. If your walls do have some imperfections, consider repainting the room. Or, if you have the money, the entire home. Stick to a neutral color, like ivory, taupe or greige (combination of light gray and beige). These colors are elegant and can make a room appear larger.

    Clutter has the likelihood to detract from the main selling features of a room – crown molding, hardwood floors, custom fireplace, etc. To ensure your home’s appealing features standout, declutter the space. Model your home like you would see a home magazine – organized and minimalistic. Only add decorative accents that complement the overall feel of the room – vases with flowers, candle votives, high-end books, etc.

    Lighting can either make or break your home’s overall style. Stick to the current trends and don’t stray from the design style already present in your home.

    Curb Appeal
    What’s the first thing a buyer will see? The outside of your home. With this in mind, up your home’s curb appeal. From planting new flowers to repainting the front door to adding new decorative numbers, there is plenty you can do here. However, to make sure your home truly stands out, upgrade your garage door. A new paint job can do the trick, but a new garage door offers a high return on investment – 80 percent.

    The appliances are one of the most visual aspects of your kitchen. For a higher-end appeal, consider replacing if they are not stainless steel. While expensive, new appliances can add to the value to your home – as a new appliance is far more appealing than one that may be down to its final years.

    Crown Molding
    There's no doubt about it; crown molding is attractive and timeless. To make your home appears more expensive, consider adding crown molding to your home’s dining room. Buyers will take note and love the decorative accent.

    Any additional attention you devote to increasing your home’s appeal will pay off when selling your home. Buyers will appreciate and take notice of your efforts.

    Are you considering selling your home in the New Year? Give us a call. We would be honored to help you get your home ready for the Austin market!