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  • 8 Design Tricks to Pick the Perfect Color Palette

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    8 Design Tricks to Pick the Perfect Color Palette

    Written by The Bucher Group

    Colors can instantly transform your home. Blue is peaceful and calming; purple is royal and elegant; etc. But, how do you know what colors will look good together? What color palette will make your home shine? It turns out; it isn't too difficult to pick the perfect color palette. Here is a look some tips designers follow:

    Use a Pattern
    Is there a large pattern you absolutely love? Pluck colors from it. This way, you know that large piece will fit into the new color scheme. For the walls, focus on the patterns neutral colors (whites and beiges).

    Decorate Vertically
    As you go up in the room, the colors should lighten. Darker colors should be used for the floor, medium tones for the walls and light values for the ceiling. Basically, think about replicating what you see outside.

    Formal First
    Start by choosing a color scheme for the living room, dining room and entryway of the house. From here, pull a color, tone it down and use it as an accent in other rooms.

    Always Use the Color Wheel
    The color wheel always comes in handy. For private spaces, stick to the color wheel and focus on analogous color schemes – colors next to each other on the wheel. Blue and green are generally more casual and relaxing and work great in a bedroom.

    Look at Your Wardrobe
    Your wardrobe can say a lot about yourself. But, did you know it also shows what colors you like and feel best in? Consider taking a look at your clothes and incorporating some of the popular colors into your home design.

    Go Gray
    Today’s trendiest neutral is gray. With that in mind, consider incorporating it into your design space. Gray can feel either warm or cool depending on what other colors you pair it with.

    Always follow the rule: 60-30-10. What are we talking about? In general, you should divide the colors into three components: 60 percent of a dominant color (walls), 30 percent of a secondary color (upholstery) and 10 percent of an accent color (accessories.

    The Rule of Three
    A three-palette cannot go wrong. Try to limit yourself to just three colors.

    Do you have any questions about selecting a color palette for your home? Give our team a call. We are always available to lend a helping hand!