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  • Buying In A Seller’s Market

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Buying In A Seller’s Market

    The Austin Board of REALTORS® recently reported that the Austin area housing market has hit a seven-year high.  In addition, other reports have indicated that Austin area home prices are now at or above prices seen before the recession.  This is great news for Austin, Texas!

    In fact, Bill Evans, the 2014 president of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, was quoted as saying, “current trends indicate that the upcoming summer selling season could bring one of the most competitive markets Austin has seen.”

    However, what does that mean for the 150 people moving to Austin each day?

    Well, it suggests that homebuyers must have a strategy before they view the first house on their home buying excursion.

    The Bucher Group’s years of expertise in the Austin real estate industry can help area homebuyers accomplish their goals and purchase their dream home for the best price even in a seller’s market.

    The top five terms that can make a homebuyer’s offer stand out in a seller’s market include the following.

    1. Submit a pre-approval letter or proof of funds documentation along with the offer.

    2. Offer market value or above for the home.  The Bucher Group can provide a market analysis to discover what comparable homes have sold for within the last 3-6 months to help with pricing decisions.

    3. Remember that homes are often in multiple offer situations, so offer the best offer first with the best terms (i.e. price, closing date, earnest money, etc.).

    4. Include a large earnest money amount.  This signifies serious interest and could be a definitive factor.

    5. Delay buyer possession. Giving the seller extra time to move out of their home after closing may make a difference when they are considering one offer against another.

    Remember that time is always of the essence!  Being prepared gives buyers an edge above the competition!

    These are just a few of the many recommendations the Bucher Group can provide buyers when purchasing in a seller’s market.  Let the Bucher Group help you find your dream home in Austin!

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