Therefore, we wanted to find out a little more information about what exactly is happening with this new undertaking and share our findings with our readers!

What we found is that the Dell’s Medical School project is a collaboration of three entities, which include the University of Texas, Seton Healthcare Family and Central Health.  These organizations have been working since 2012 to develop a school that is not the traditional medical school model, but instead one that develops new approaches for teaching, improves local health care and transforms medical education and health care delivery.

The school is slated to except its first class of students in 2016.

Along with the new medical school that is being funded through the UT Board of Regents, the UT website said that “Seton has committed at least $250 million – a portion of which will come from fundraising --- to build a new teaching hospital to replace the aging University Medical Center Brackenridge. The hospital will serve as the medical school’s primary clinical in-patient teaching facility and enhance services to residents of Central Texas. It will also upgrade the only Level I adult trauma center for a populous and growing 11-county area.”

Additionally, on January 21st, Dr. Clay Johnston formally of the University of California, San Francisco, was named inaugural dean and is tasked with overseeing construction, hiring, curriculum development, admissions and all other matters dealing with the management of the extensive project.

This tremendous endeavor has begun and as more information comes to light on the advancement of this medical school project, The Bucher Group will be sure to give you an update!

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