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  • Fall Lawn Maintenance

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Fall Lawn Maintenance

    Tomorrow, September 22, is the first day of FALL!!! Crazy, I know!!

    As the temperatures get cooler (hopefully soon) and the leaves begin to fall (hence the name) we need to begin thinking of getting our yards ready for the winter months.

    I know, I know.  It’s still in the 90’s!!!  However, even though it seems like summer still, we’ve learned year after year that winter has a way of sneaking up on us and we don’t want the lawns to suffer because of it.

    The point is that our yards are the first thing people see when they drive up to our home, so making sure they are in the best shape possible is a must.

    Plus, it doesn’t take a complete overhaul…it takes a few basic chores that will be sure to help lighten the load come springtime!

    Our Top 10 Fall Lawn Maintenance Chores include:

    1. Rake the leaves.

    2. Fertilize the grass.

    3. Weed the garden and flower beds.

    4. Pick up all of the dog poop.

    5. Trim dead limbs of trees, shrubs and plants.

    6. Aerate the lawn.

    7. Water trees and shrubs.

    8. Clean out the garden of any leftover fruits and vegetables.

    9. Plant spring bulbs.

    10. Clean and put up all lawn tools.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late to do the necessary maintenance to your lawn.  You’ll be glad you did when spring rolls around!!

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