The flooding that occurred on Halloween day killed five people and has damaged approximately 1100 homes in Austin and Travis County alone. The flooding was widely felt and also affected residents of Williamson and Hays counties.

The most centralized damage has been around the Onion Creek and Dove Springs neighborhoods in South Austin due to the flooding of Onion Creek, where according to several reports over 125 tons of debris has been already removed.

In fact, Austin Major Lee Leffingwell has declared a local state of disaster for our city of Austin.

The Bucher Group understands that our neighbors need our help!  So, we are providing several ways to offer support of time or money through organizations that are already on the scene taking action and helping out!

The Austin Disaster Relief Network has partnered up with Christian Compassion Center to collect donations at Oak Meadows Baptist Church located at 6905 South IH 35.  This location is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  To volunteer please call 512.428.6322.

The Onion Creek Club (2510 Onion Creek Parkway, Austin, Texas 78747) is providing information of items that are needed and ways to help.  Please call 512.282.2150.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations and organizing volunteer efforts.  Go to to donate or volunteer.

Central TX Floods Relief Fund is accepting monetary donations to help aid the families affected by the flooding.  Donations can be made online at or mailed to Austin Disaster Relief Network P.O. Box 3817, Cedar Park, Texas 78630.

The Southern Baptists of Texas Disaster Relief are providing meals, recovery and clean-up assistance, encouragement and more to the victims.  To make a donation go online or send a check to "Disaster Relief" to the SBTC office at PO Box 1988, Grapevine, Texas 76099-1988.

The Salvation Army is helping out by providing nourishment to volunteers and victims.  They have already served over 1000 meals and 2500 snacks.  They are also now offering laundry service to the victims.  Volunteers are needed in four hour shifts and you can contact Jan Gunter at 512.634.5910 to find out more.  Monetary donations can be made online at or mailed to The Salvation Army P.O. Box 1000, Austin, TX 78767.

Don’t forget about our furry friends!  The Austin Humane Society is housing and caring for the numerous dogs, cats and other pets that were lost and stranded due to the flooding.  If you have lost a pet, call 512.646.7387 or go to to see pictures of the rescued animals.  Donations would also be greatly appreciated.

Flood victims are encouraged to contact the Flood Assistance Center at Doves Springs Recreation Center located on 5801 Ainez Drive or call 512.447.5875.  Survivors can also call 3-1-1 if assistance is needed.

Our neighbors are important to us!  We encourage you to join us in our efforts to help those affected by the recent flash flooding!

Items that are needed and can be dropped off at Oak Meadows Baptist Church include the following:

  • Flat Shovels

  • Leather Gloves

  • Large Heavy Duty Trash Bags

  • N-95 Face Masks

  • Box Cutters

  • Clean Rags

  • Trash Cans

  • Dust pans

  • Other items for house clean-up

  • Bottled Water

  • Large Garbage Bags

  • Liquid Cleaning Soap

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Paper Towels

  • Toilet Paper

  • Push Brooms

  • Regular Brooms

  • Mops

  • Buckets

  • Cell Phone Chargers

Please drop off these items at the Oak Meadows Baptist Church (6905 S. IH-35, Austin) or at the main

tent located at the Crossroads Christian House of Prayer Church at the corner of William Cannon and Pleasant Valley Road. Survivors are in great need of these items!!

OTHER DONATIONS NEEDED: ADRN has run out of disaster funds to purchase gift cards and has had to turn away several families.  ADRN is asking for donations ASAP so they can purchase gift cards and meet the great need for IMMEDIATE financial assistance. Most of the families (200+) they have talked to have lost 1-2 cars, all clothes, all furniture, all household items and most importantly, they have seen children walking around with NO SHOES.


1. Volunteer as soon as you can.

2. Post this great need on your Facebook page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Page, etc.

3. Talk to your Senior Pastor and/or Church Leadership and organize a support or volunteer group.

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