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  • Getting Ready to Move

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Getting Ready to Move

    Now that it is close to Spring, many people are putting their homes up for sale and getting ready to venture on to another chapter in their lives.  What an exciting time!!

    Of course, the Bucher Group would be delighted to help you in this endeavor!   

    But what happens once the house is under contract and you are looking towards moving day?  This process can be lengthy and seem overwhelming.  That is why we have compiled a list of “To Do’s” so that it won’t look so daunting!

    • Make a binder where you can keep all your moving estimates, receipts and paperwork.  These expenses might give you a tax break come tax season.

    • Research and hire a moving company.  Reach out to friends and family for references and make sure the companies are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

    • If moving to another area, make sure you research doctors, dentists, schools, banks and other services that you use on a regular basis to make the transition easier.

    • Make a list of businesses, bills, online accounts and other places you need to contact to change your address.

    • Assess closets, storage rooms, garages, attics and each room for things you can get rid of and then start packing each space starting with seasonal items and items you don’t frequently use.

    • Make a master list of your things and number/color code boxes for the rooms they go in.  Also, take pictures of high-ticket items in case of loss or damage during the move.

    • Collect all valuable paperwork, jewelry, and special items.  Keep them separate from your moving boxes.  Plan to transport them by hand.

    • If you have kids, transfer school records to the new school and make plans for a smooth transition.

    • Try not to do much grocery shopping in the last weeks of staying in your current home.  Eat the food in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry to make it easier for the move.

    • Go to the U.S. Post Office and fill out a change of address form.

    • Turn off or transfer utilities.

    • Dispose of all flammable items that can't be transported (i.e. paint, chemicals, oil, aerosol cans).

    • Prepare a folder for the new owners of your home with any warranties, user guides, vendor recommendations, and your contact information in case they have questions or need to forward your mail.

    • Contact friends and family members about your new address.

    • Hire a cleaning company to clean after the movers leave.

    Moving is tough.  There are no magical solutions that will make the job easier.  However, if you make a plan and stick to it…the outcome will be a smooth transition into the next phase of life!!

    If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling real estate in the Austin area, please contact Kathleen Bucher at KathleenBucher@mac.com or 512.794.6644.  It would be an honor to earn your business.