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  • It's Back To School Time

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    It's Back To School Time

    Regardless of whether you have a kindergartner or a senior in college…going back to school can be hectic, scary and just a tad bit overwhelming!

    Between the schedules and supplies, forms and faculty, fees and food; getting back into the routine of school is the critical piece that is necessary for a smooth transition for both parents and kids.

    Even though many of us have done this over and over and year after year, being organized and ready are the only things that get us through time and again with any sanity at all!

    Since we are all going through this annual event, we thought it might be helpful to find some tips, tricks and age-old solutions to this yearly experience.

    Our Top Eight School Solutions include:

    1. Routine – This is crucial to a successful school year because it allows everyone the opportunity to know what the expectations are before they are faced with getting up, homework and everything else we have to do each school day.

    2. Supplies – Buy the packet if it’s available!  It takes the guess work out of shopping and it’s worth every penny not to have to go to multiple stores looking for them.

    3. Forms – Have doctor’s information, medical needs and medication available at all times since you may need to give this information to teachers, school nurses and extracurricular administrators.

    4. Allergies – Make sure to tell administrators about allergies, as well as abide by the rules if there are those in your class with allergies.  We don’t want any hospital visits or cause one any time soon!!

    5. Homework – Schedule this activity at the same time every day.  Do not wait until bedtime to make sure that it is accomplished because this will cause undue stress.

    6. Lunch and snacks – Make sure everyone is clear about what the rules are for lunch and snacks.  Kids can rack up large bills with extra snacks, milks, ice cream and more.  Most schools have a permission form to sign and you can put a daily limit – but realize this is DAILY and some kids have been known to use it every day!!!

    7. Transportation – Be sure to let kids know what the expectations are for transportation so there isn’t any confusion.  Also, add at least two other friends or family members who can pick up your child in case of an emergency.  Most schools require transportation changes by 1:00pm.

    8. Extra-curricular Activities – Don’t overload your kids.  They need down time just like we do and it doesn’t help anyone to have tired, cranky kids in the morning.  One extra-curricular activity is recommended and two is the absolute maximum to keep kids’ schedules at an acceptable level.

    We hope you have a fabulous school year full of learning new things, making new friends and opening up loads of opportunities!

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