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  • Living Room Design Trends

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Living Room Design Trends

    Written by the Bucher Group

    As design trends change year-over-year, it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out. As the living room is arguably one of the most important and overlooked rooms in the entire house, we figured yours might need some updating. Here are a couple of 2017’s top design trends for your living room:

    Living Room Design Trends

    living room design trends

    Eclectic Style – Variety is in! Collect different pieces and combine them to make a unique and exciting living room space.

    Geometric Patterns – Geometric patterns now incorporated in every aspect of the living room: flooring, throw rugs, pillows, upholstery and more.

    Natural Touches – From hardwood floors to exposed beams to wood accent walls and beautiful wood furniture, wood is showing up more and more throughout the home.

    Wainscoting – For those that don’t know, wainscoting is wooden paneling that lines the lower part of your walls. Often, it is used to create a luxurious feeling in the living room.

    Minimalist Contemporary – To create a serene living room environment, remove the clutter and adopt a minimalist attitude.

    Matte Finished Light Fixtures – As matte appliances are trending, so too are matte light fixtures. These fixtures pair nicely with the minimalist contemporary style.

    The Chaise Lounge – For a luxurious touch, add a chaise lounge to your living room space.

    Marble Accent Décor – Do you want a touch of luxury in your living room? If this is you, add some marble accent décor to your space.

    Industrial Touches – Metal touches, as well as brick accent walls, are becoming more popular in living room design.

    No Technology – TVs and computers are now banished from the living space. Instead, people are choosing to use the living room as a social gathering space and are creating a separate TV (media) room for movie nights and sports games.

    Fireplace Central – As the TV has been relocated, the fireplace is making a comeback as the focal point of the living room.

    Jewel Tones – Jewel tones like emerald, purple and pink are becoming more popular in living room design. Out are the days of the neutral colors. However, when it does come time to sell your home, try to stay neutral with subtle pops of color.

    And, while we’re on the topic, here are some styles on their way out:

    Uniform Style – It appears that uniform living rooms are on their way out! Consider spicing up your living room with different colors and prints.

    Cluttered Look – Space is becoming more and more important – as is an open and relaxing space, especially in the living room. To achieve both of these, kick out the clutter.

    Gaudy Floor Lamps – Floor lamps take up a lot of space and add unnecessary clutter to a room. To free up space, many people are opting to remove floor lamps from their living room.

    Do you have any questions about revamping your living room space? Give us a call; we would be happy to help!