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  • Mopac Construction

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Mopac Construction

    Mopac construction has begun!

    As frustrating as a stop-and-go commute due to construction can be, the benefits of a new and improved corridor through the middle of Austin, Texas is going to be very worth any headache it might cause in the meantime.

    Construction work began in December of 2012 and the entire project is expected to be completed late in 2015. The Mopac Improvement Project will allow drivers to bypass dense traffic through the use of express lanes in an 11-mile stretch from Parmer Lane to Lady Bird Lake.

    According to the Mopac Improvement Project website, the express lanes will be located in the middle of the Mopac corridor and are “special buffer-separated lanes that use variable tolls to keep traffic moving even when the adjacent lanes are congested. This is accomplished by raising the toll when traffic is heavy and lowering the toll when traffic is light. The lanes provide non-tolled priority service to public transit buses and registered vanpools, but also allow individual drivers the option to use the lanes if they choose to.”

    Additional upgrades to the Mopac corridor include:  neighborhood sound walls, aesthetic enhancements, landscaping, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and better monitoring and incident management systems.

    Even though the highway will be widened, the project will not need to purchase any new land and non-tolled lanes will remain for residents who do not want to pay extra to use the Mopac corridor.

    This improvement is all in an effort to reduce congestion and contend with Austin’s significant growth.  In fact, it is expected that by 2030 Mopac will serve 320,000 cars per day instead of the 180,000 cars that use it now.

    The construction on Mopac is certainly needed even if no one wants to suffer through the future delays while it is going on.

    The Bucher Group encourages you to check out the Mopac Improvement Project website at www.mopacexpress.com for updates and more information about the construction project!

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