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  • New Year, New Clean Kitchen: 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Shine

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    New Year, New Clean Kitchen: 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Shine

    Written by The Bucher Group

    Is the colder weather making you retreat inside? We know how that is! For those looking for something to do, we’ve got just the solution: new year, new clean kitchen. Take a look at these five ways to make your kitchen shine in 2018!

    Your Oven
    Cookies, roasts and casseroles are what the holiday season is all about! If your oven saw increased use these past few months, we're sure it could use a good cleaning. Here's a brief tutorial on how to clean your oven with just baking soda and vinegar.

    Your Cabinets
    Likely, while you were preparing Christmas dinner, greasy debris made its way onto your cabinets. While dirty cabinets don’t impact your everyday life, it is nice to have them clean to start the new year. Take a look at this how-to guide to get sticky cooking grease off your cabinets.

    Your Backsplash
    Over time, dirt builds up…even on your kitchen backsplash. To ensure smooth maintenance down the road, consider creating a DIY paste and scrubbing the grout and tiles in your backsplash. A clean look is just what you need for a fresh start to 2018. Not sure what cleaning products to use? Here is a brief overview of how to get this done.

    Your Freezer
    Collecting food is easy when you can put it in the freezer and store it for several months at a time. However, while easy, it is incredibly easy to forget what you have. To start the new year right, go through your freezer and clean out any freezer-burned foods or anything you don't foresee yourself eating in the coming weeks. Doing both makes room for fresh food for the upcoming colder weather. While you’re doing this, take the opportunity to wipe down the shelves and clean the freezer.

    Your Pantry
    Just like the freezer, it is easy to stack non-perishable foods in the pantry and forget you have them. To know what you have, go through everything and reorganize. Not only will the organization feel good, but it also gives you the opportunity to throw away expired items and make room for new soups and other warm foods for the upcoming colder months.

    A clean, shiny kitchen is a great way to start the new year!

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