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  • Outdoor Spring Cleaning in Austin

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Outdoor Spring Cleaning in Austin

    fullsizerenderThe threat of a freeze is definitely over in Austin, Texas!  In fact, we are already enjoying normal summer type temperatures in the high 80’s…too bad our real summer temps always seem to stick around the high 90’s or low 100’s!!!  But, hey, that’s Austin for you!!

    These amazing temperatures make us head outdoors for some fresh air and the much needed sunlight we’ve all been craving over the winter months…especially since Sunday’s high wind and torrential rain shook most of the oak pollen out of the trees.  Hooray!

    However, this all means that we now see all the projects that need to be done on the outside of our homes and know it’s now or never because summer is right around the corner and it will be way too hot to do them then.

    So, put on those garden gloves, get out the trash bags and round up the kiddos to help clean up the outside of your home to make it summer ready and a pleasant place to enjoy with family and friends!

    Things to put on your “to do” list:

    • Pull weeds.

    • Prune overgrown shrubs.

    • Clean up left over pollen droppings and leaves.

    • Pressure wash exterior of home.

    • Clean the driveway by removing weeds and grass from cracks, pressure washing and patching any holes or cracks.

    • Clean decks and re-stain as necessary and/or power wash patios.

    • Paint or stain wood fencing.

    • Clean and repair window screens.

    • Examine roof and repair as necessary.

    • Get the grill ready for action.

    • Clean and repair gutters.

    • Clean windows inside and out.

    • Clean up and clean out the garage.

    • Wash down the garage door.

    • Remove cobwebs and any wasp nests, etc.

    • Wash out trash cans.

    • Freshen up the front entrance.

    • Clean outdoor furniture and put those cushions out.

    Any or all of these chores will get the outside of your home looking fabulous and feeling like a place you can relax, rejuvenate and entertain!!!  Plus, it will get you outside during the best time of the year in Austin!!!

    Keep enjoying your Spring in Austin!

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