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  • Pets and Heatstroke

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Pets and Heatstroke

    Summer is here in force with temperatures around 100 and the sun shining bright!  Typical Austin weather for the middle of July!!!

    It’s no wonder that staying cool is a top priority for most of us.

    So, as the summer heats up, we need to take the extra precautions necessary to keep our furry family members healthy and happy, as well.

    Animals are like humans in the fact that the young and old are most susceptible to heatstroke in the summer months.

    In order to keep pets from heatstroke, we should:

    1. Never leave pets in a parked vehicle.

    2. Limit strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day.

    3. Provide ample shade for outdoor pets.

    4. Always make sure pets have plenty of water.

    5. Shaving their hair is not recommended because it prevents sunburn and, in fact, can keep the pet cooler.

    6. Keep pets at their optimum weight to help fend off overheating and other difficulties.

    However, with the temperatures so steamy, heatstroke can happen even when we are taking the extra measures to prevent it.  So, beware of the signs that your pet is suffering!!

    These include:

    • heavy panting

    • glazed eyes

    • rapid heartbeat

    • difficulty breathing

    • excessive thirst

    • lethargy

    • fever

    • dizziness

    • lack of coordination

    • excessive salivation

    • vomiting

    • deep red or purple tongue

    • seizure

    • unconsciousness

    If you see your pet is suffering from any of these symptoms, please get them medical attention immediately.

    Keep your pet safe, healthy and happy this summer!!!

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