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  • Sales Tax Holiday

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Sales Tax Holiday

    Getting ready for Back to School can be a daunting task, but the upcoming Tax Free Weekend can help alleviate at least one item on your long list of to do’s!!!  Plus, it can be easier on your pocket book!

    The Texas Legislature set the dates for this year’s Tax Free Holiday for August 5-7 and allows for sales tax exemptions on most clothing and school supplies priced less than $100.  This can save shoppers up to $8 on every $100!!!

    Quite the deal!!!

    Additionally, items can be purchased in stores, online, by mail and with layaway.

    Items you can save on include:

    • clothing

    • footwear

    • school supplies

    • lunch boxes

    • backpacks

    For more information on what is and is not included in the Sales Tax Holiday, please go to the www.TexasTaxHoliday.org.  The list is quite extensive and you will save much time if you check it out before you go shopping.

    If you don’t think $8 for every $100 sounds like much, just remember that Texas shoppers are estimated to save approximately $91.9 million in state and local sales tax during this year’s holiday.   WOW!!!

    We encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!  However, if you don’t have little ones going back to school, you might want to stay out of the stores because it is probably going to be very hectic!!!

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