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  • Springtime in the ATX

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Springtime in the ATX

    This Friday, March 20th, denotes (and for most of us celebrates) the first day of SPRING 2015!

    After the cold and wet winter we have had here in Austin, Texas, I would dare say most of us are ready for the sun to shine, flowers to bloom and the chance to enjoy spring-like temperatures before summer settles upon us!

    However, with the advent of spring, this brings the necessity to spring clean our homes, spruce up our yards and eradicate all remnants of winter that remain.

    It’s also time to service our air conditioning units, pool equipment and lawn maintenance tools in order for them to be ready for use when the temperature rises…it should be interesting to see what our summer ends up looking like!

    Spring cleaning isn’t rocket science, but some items that we might miss when we are scrubbing down our house from top to bottom are the following:

    1. Clean out the fireplace.

    2. Dust the top of the refrigerator.

    3. Get rid of expired medicines.

    4. De-clutter and discard old or expired items in the refrigerator and freezer.  Don’t forget to look at your spice rack, salad dressing shelf and canned food pantry.

    5. Pour baking soda, warm water and a lemon peel down the garbage disposal.  Put ice cubes through the disposal to sharpen the blades.

    6. Clean the oven.

    7. Dust the ceiling and wall corners.

    8. Wash baseboards with vinegar and water.

    9. Clean out the food trap of the dishwasher and run it through a cycle empty with vinegar or baking soda.

    10. Take down draperies, curtains, and blinds to wash according to the manufacturer's directions.

    The best part of spring cleaning is giving yourself a little luxury afterwards!!!  Not only should you treat yourself to something fun, but you will now get to enjoy the fresh scent of a clean home!!!

    Definitely plan to order dinner for pick up or delivery because you sure won’t feel like cleaning up and going anywhere!

    Hope you find the time to get your house in order and wash away the muck of winter and welcome a new season!

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