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  • Top 10 Burglary Safeguards

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Top 10 Burglary Safeguards

    Our homes hold our lives, our memories and our valuables.  So, the thought of someone burglarizing our precious safe haven is unthinkable.  However, it can happen if we don’t take some necessary precautions.

    Summer vacation has been a staple in the American culture for years, so it is no surprise that July and August are the top months for home break-ins.   According to FBI statistics, burglaries of residential properties account for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses and over 2,000,000 burglaries occur each year.

    These statistics concur that there is a obvious need for each of us to take the proper safety measures when we prepare to leave on vacation!  No one wants to be included in these numbers.

    The good news is that burglars generally disturb homes with easy access.  Therefore, the harder we make it for them to breech our barriers, the more protected we will be!!

    Common sense tells us to lock our doors and windows, invest in a security alarm and hide our valuables.  Nevertheless, there are some not so glaring tips we can use to defend against home burglary.



    1.  Do not discuss vacation plans on social media.  You never know who is reading your newsfeed.  Additionally, post your photos after you return, as to not give your absence away.

    2.  Remove the spare key that is hidden in the planter, fake rock, under the mat or above the door (or anywhere else for that matter).  Burglars have homes, too.  They know the best places to hide that extra key.

    3.  Tell a friend and a neighbor that you will be out of town and ask for them to watch for strange behavior while you are away.  Request your mail and newspapers to be picked up to avoid tipping off burglars.

    4.  Do not close the blinds, curtains or shades.  This is a tell-tale sign that no one is home.  Plus, it keeps your neighbors from seeing any suspicious activity going on inside your home.

    5.  Invest in timers for your lights.  Leaving lights on continually not only wastes energy, but also indicates to the outside world that no one is home.

    6.  Lock fence gates and garage doors.  Once a burglar can get into the backyard or garage, they are out of view and have an easier time getting into the home.

    7.  Notify the police if you will be away for longer than a week.  Patrol cars may possibly do a drive by, especially if they have received numerous calls in similar neighborhoods.

    8.  Obtain outdoor lighting and put them on timers, too.  This makes your home more visible and gives burglars less areas to break in undetected.

    9.  Put secondary locking systems on your windows.  Windows are the most frequent point of entry during warm weather months!!!  Windows normally only have latches, so using locks, sticks or dowels (for vertical windows) will help deter access.

    10. Program televisions and/or radios to turn on and off during your vacation.  Burglars are discouraged by noise.

    Vacation is a time to rest and relax!  Don’t allow a home burglary to stress you out and ruin your much needed recreation and recuperation from the yearly grind!!  Implement these Top 10 Burglary Safeguards for a worry-free break from reality!!

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