10. Measure twice, build once! These homeowners added 6 inches to their wall after sending measurements for custom cabinets.

9. Look out for wood paneling. This stuff does not come off easy!

8. Hire a pro to do your wallpaper!

7. Make sure your oven hood actually vents! For these homeowners, the oven was venting into the wall causing them to completely gut the wall.

6. Mold. Nothing derails a renovation project like mold; you will end up gutting the room and eventually your wallet!

5. Be careful of what is under your carpet! These homeowners found a surprise patch of parquet flooring when tearing out their carpet and takes even more time to rip out.

4. You! You can be one of the biggest roadblocks in your project. We know this can be an extremely stressful project, but try and keep it together!

3. Be careful picking your designer. This couple found themselves with a designer picking his own colors to paint their house!

2. If choosing a quartz surface, measure your countertop thoroughly! Quartz is cut from slabs and is useless if cut too small.

1. Beware of stone! These renovators received 55 out of 80 pieces of tile chipped and when they received more, they didn’t like it.

Thankfully, these roadblocks didn’t stop these renovators from completing their project; but they can be a headache! Keep this in mind when starting your home renovation project.