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  • Top Ten Spring Service Tips

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Top Ten Spring Service Tips

    It’s the first week of spring, so that means it is time to clean up, clean out, and get your home ready for the upcoming season of sunshine.

    Here are our Top 10 Spring Service Tips:

    1. Call an HVAC repairman to service your air conditioning unit.

    2. Enlist a pool service to check your pool equipment to make sure it is in running order for the season.

    3. Inspect and clean out gutters for proper drainage.

    4. Contact a landscaper or visit your local nursery to spruce up your yard.

    5. Check your yard equipment to make sure it’s in working order or call your lawn company to get back on their schedule.  Don’t forget to check your sprinkler system for leaks or damage.

    6. Clean out closets and donate unwanted goods.

    7. Inspect freezer, refrigerator, pantry, spice rack and medicine cabinet for expired items.

    8. Change your air filters.

    9. Test your smoke detectors.

    10. Make a list of repairs or needed maintenance and schedule the work to be done promptly.

    We all want to get outside and play in the sunshine, so start making progress on your spring projects so you won’t miss out on those beautiful Austin days ahead!!

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