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  • Why Pinterest?

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Why Pinterest?

    Pinterest has captivated the American public and given us all a unique opportunity to share ideas, pictures, and videos in an organized way with friends, family and associates.

    According to Experian, 91% of Americans use social media websites and Pinterest is the third ranking social media site after Facebook and Twitter.

    Pinterest is a great place to find recipes, home décor ideas, crafts, things to do, places to go and SO MUCH more!  That is why Kathleen Bucher and the Bucher Group have their very own Pinterest page that they would like to share with you.

    Wondering how ‘following’ Kathleen Bucher on Pinterest would be of interest to you?

    Well, not only are they experts in the Austin real estate market, but they also know Austin intimately and they are sharing their knowledge through Pinterest!!

    Regardless of whether you are a native Austinite or new resident, following Kathleen Bucher on Pinterest will give you great insight to the plethora of activities and attractions that Austin has to offer.  Plus, you will have access to all of their luxury homes listings and discover great ideas from architecture and landscaping to kitchens and seating arrangements!

    In addition to information about each Bucher Team member and an inventory of all their active listings, other Pinterest boards on their page include:

    1. Keep Austin Hungry – Lists great places to eat in the Austin area.

    2. Keep Austin Organic – Offers organic recipes to replace mainstream chemical products, as well as places around Austin to shop for organic merchandise.

    3. Keep Austin Healthy – Identifies healthy recipes and places that promote exercise and activity.

    4. Keep Austin Cool – Presents photos of lovely pools, places in Austin to swim and outdoor fun.

    5. Keep Austin Weird – Gives lists of festivals, free fun and many things that make Austin unique.

    6. Keep Austin Fun – Suggests a variety of locations for local entertainment.

    7. Keep Austin Cooking – Shares appetizing recipes.

    8. Keep Austin Baking – Provides recipes and great ideas for cupcakes and other delicious treats.

    9. Keep Austin Savvy – Offers technology information that is upcoming, relevant and available in Austin.

    10. Keep Austin Crafty – Delivers interesting craft, DIY and organization ideas.

    The Bucher Group encourages you to visit their Pinterest page and begin following them at http://www.pinterest.com/thebuchergroup/ to  receive information about real estate, Austin and all of the reasons that make this city amazing!

    If you or someone you know is interested in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact Kathleen Bucher at 512.794.6644 or KathleenBucher@mac.com.  It would be an honor to earn your business.