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  • Pest Control

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Holly Northup

    Pest Control

    As the summer heat turns up, the number of little critters sneaking into the house seems to have gone up, too!

    Lately, the rolly pollys have been out in droves, along with spiders and other creepy things that we’d all rather have live outside in the yard and not in the corners and crevices of our homes!!

    Basically, pests of all kinds need food, water and shelter.  Many times, if we remove these key requirements, than we will solve the problem.

    Prevention is the first line of defense.  These common sense reminders can be helpful during the hot summer or the dead of winter.

    • Fix leaky plumbing and look for other sources of water, such as trays under house plants.

    • Make sure food and food scraps are tightly sealed in the pantry and garbage is regularly removed from the home.

    • Pick up pet food and water out during the night.

    • Close off entryways and hiding places (i.e. caulking cracks and crevices around cabinets or baseboards and sealing windows and doorways).

    • Clean the kitchen often and wipe up spills and messes immediately.

    If you have a problem that isn’t easily solved, call a professional exterminator without delay.  A little problem now can turn into a costly one later.

    Additionally, the mosquitoes are starting to kick into high gear and there are several alternative and environmentally-safe solutions for those who don’t want to use products with chemicals such as DEET.

    A few natural ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay when you are playing, working or entertaining outside include:

    1. Remove all standing water from the area.

    2. Spray on garlic.  Mix one part garlic to five parts water and you’ve got yourself a natural spray.

    3. Try catnip oil.  It is supposedly more effective than DEET.

    4. Throw rosemary or sage onto the grill while barbequing to keep the mosquitoes away.

    5. Use Herbal Armor, a DEET-free insect repellant that was voted "Best Gear of the Year" by National Geographic.

    6. Turn on a fan.  Blow the mosquitoes away before they can get to you.

    7. Plant lemongrass in your yard because it contains citronella oil.

    Hopefully, these ideas will help you enjoy your summer just a little bit more!!

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