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  • Canyon Vista Middle School10

    Austin, TX | Travis County


    June 21, 2014

    My kid attended grade 6 here and it was extremely disappointing. this school is not deserving of the 10 or 5 stars I see on the internet. My kid was BORED the entire time in 5th grade part 2. CVMS and RRISD policy is to ignore grades, test scores, and recommendations from other districts - even highly rated districts within Texas. If your kid is high achieving &/ gifted stay out of RRISD and far away from canyon vista. Your intelligent kid will be lumped with the on level or below kids. Canyon vista's only concern for students is perfect attendance and STAAR test results. The TAG counselor told me that the only goal for CVMS is to teach the students how to get through Westwood. It wasn't to teach the students on how to learn or how to be successful. The only positive thing I can say is that my kid felt safe at this school. There isn't any risk of gangs or drugs. Probably because the administration belittles the students to have then believe they are still in elementary school. I really regret sending my kid here and feel duped by all the glitters of the rewards this school flaunts. This school isn't gold.

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    June 11, 2014

    I really enjoy going to Canyon Vista and the teachers really care about the students, but the only flaw that I personally see is that if you really want to perform well, then there is always going to be a lot of competition , which is a good thing really, but leaves kids frustrated and they perform "lower" than they might in a different school. Which as I said before is a good thing but I guess makes kids more rigid and in the desire to defeat others. But really, this school has increased my standards and has taught me many important lessons and there is a lot of academic opportunity.

    May 10, 2014

    We have now put four children through three different highly respected middle schools, and none of them compare to Canyon Vista. You can't put a price on this level of educational quality or scholastic experience. Top core academics, top extracurricular programs, and a great community.

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    April 18, 2014

    This is an excellent school.My daughter loves all of her teachers,they are extremely nice,outstanding,supportive and give specific comments for each student !The staffs help the students exceed in their talents!

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    November 10, 2013

    really good school. Teacher is nice, band and orchestra are good too!! Great school for children!!

    November 8, 2013

    I have been involved with this school since 2006. The staff is exceptional. They love what they do and really ace about the kids. The whole office support staff are the same way from the principal down. Middle school is a tough time and I cannot imagine sending my children anywhere else

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    May 2, 2011

    This is not a school for special ed students. The culture is negative for slower learners.

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    May 2, 2011

    As a parent with children currently attending this school, and as a teacher myself (but not at this school), I congratulate the teachers at Canyon Vista for always holding students accountable for their own learning, for keeping expectations high, and for going the extra mile to help students whenever they need it. I also appreciate the administration for instituting the sixth grade "Mustang Discovery" elective, which requires sixth graders to learn study/organizational skills, leadership skills, and technology skills. Anyone who knows anything about the challenges that public educators face should be highly impressed the quality of this school. In addition, CVMS receives annual excellent ratings along with one of its feeder schools, Laurel Mountain, and the area high school, Westwood. Their latest kudos come from the nonprofit Children at Risk, which ranks thousands of schools statewide based on standardized test and college entrance exam performance, attendance rates and graduation rates, among other factors. All three of these schools topped this organization's rankings. My children all currently attend these schools, and I could not be more pleased with their educations.

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    January 25, 2011

    It's hard to argue with quality of the academics and the academic competition. I think they have gone a little over the top on the rigidity with the new administration, but the reasoning is usually to prevent any class disruptions. So that makes it harder to argue with. Excellent academic preperation at what is probably the most competitive Middle School in RRISD. The arts programs are excellent and the Chior program has improved dramatically. Located in NW in a cluster of nice neighborhoods, with a nice quality fo life, green space component.

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    January 6, 2011

    Canyon Vista is the perfect middle school if your child is a tag (talented & gifted) student. If your child has a learning disability it is a hostile environment. Teachers and admin band together to cover-up mistakes and provide as little accomodation to the special needs students. Teachers are impatient and aggressive with slower paced students. I actually had the 504 coordinator, Julie Engelmann, tell me my child with adhd just needs to try harder to pay attention in class. The exceptions have been the Art and Orchestra classes and teachers. They have been patient, caring and above average.

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    December 14, 2009

    Moved into the area because I heard good things about the school. I am a bit disappointed because I have seen a lot of rigidity and rules, combined with a lack of respect for students. Guess this is what happens when you teach to the TAKS tests, a flaw in all Texas public schools. The one exception is Band: all of the band instructors are very warm and the kids love them.

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    October 3, 2009

    Great staff, facilities, strong community & unique camaraderie.

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    March 8, 2009

    This school has practically everything!

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    February 13, 2009

    Canyon Vista is a middle school with high-potential students. However, the enthusiasm of the students at CaVMS is limited. Sometimes, these students don't really try to learn just for the love of learning, and most of the teachers are not very energetic. This school is above average, but not so much that they would be considered as a 'top-notch' high school.

    December 27, 2008

    I remember my first days attending this outstanding middle school-I was simply blown away by the awesomness of the school. Not only does it have a high academic standard, but its Fine Arts division is very impressive and fun, and its exterior and interior are well cared for. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! It cannot even be compared to Grisham or Cedar Valley Middle School!

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