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  • Kelly Lane Middle School9

    Pflugerville, TX | Travis County


    October 8, 2014

    Kelly Lane is an amazing school! It has great teachers and administration. There's a few flaws but that's life,nothing is perfect. For one they shouldn't make kids have a lot of running and type of stuff on picture day. Most people want to buy their pictures and they will loose money because no one wants to buy them. In my opinion if I look like a slob I will not buy them! It's common logic also,if they could they should make the lunch cost cheaper. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on lunches unless they are really good but again they may not have the title to do lower the prices. Our school also needs to cut the bus number. If people need to take the bus to get to school that should show they aren't in the boundaries because, the money spent on buses could be used for school things. These are just a few but, other than this Kelly Lane is a great school and you would love it too! Even though I'm only in the 7th grade maybe you wouldn't want to listen to me but,I go to this school and I've been here the whole time and I love it! It's a great enviroment the help you when you need help,they challenge you and a lot more. Go knights!!!!

    October 5, 2013

    Kelly Lane is a very ratchet and has a bunch of ratchets all up in it, and I think all them ratchets need to be taught how to not twerk to class and they all need to stop flipping their weaves in errbodys faces. Also dem teachers need to learn how to not smell like they just woke up and stumbled out of the woods everyday. And This is my third year hear and I still think that that lunch food is as ratchet as Haylor. But most of all it's a pretty decent school.. If your opinion of decent is ratchet. #preachitgurl #done #yoloswag

    September 21, 2011

    I would rate this school,above average IF the teachers were more proactive about making sure that kids that missed school (due to a Dr's appointment or illness) were caught up on their work without parents having to endlessly follow up. I think it is the teachers responsibility - as the responsible adults - to let children know EXACTLY what they missed and WHAT need to do. Other than that, this school has been great!

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    August 8, 2011

    i luv this school! It has a beautiful campus i haven't gone ther yet but i'm goin there this school year because i jus moved into pflugerville!

    April 24, 2011

    This school and its administration have their numbers ahead of educating their students. They allow kids to pass through grades without holding them responsible for learning. Providing an actual education is the least of their goals. They allow kids to redo, redo, redo until the staff is satisfied with the grades (or in some cases they MAKE UP the grade) to allow the student to "slide through". I believe that at some level the actual teachers are good but I think they are strong armed by the district or the school administrators. They Do NOT put your child's education as a priority. They shove all of this under a rug and the only way you can know this is if you watch EVERY grade your child earns and every assignment/test that your child is given. Going into debt for life for high dollar private schooling would be better than placing your child's future into this schools hands.

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    September 23, 2010

    great principal, great teachers, awesome staff.. my daughter moved from Park Crest last year .. and wow what a jump in her grades, atitude, and leadership. she scored high on her TAKS test and she has been an honor student since then .

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    May 28, 2010

    I am a student here at Kelly Lane, and I won't EVER leave this school until I go to High School!!The school is GREAT!The teachers and staff are Nice, and Very Helpful.They really care about the students. Kelly Lane has high TAKS scores and the sport teams are awesome!I LOVE KELLY LANE!!!:)

    April 21, 2010

    Great principal! He spends time getting to know his students. Students feel welcome and enjoy going to school. I am very happy that my child attends KLMS!

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    February 21, 2010

    I love going to school here. Everyone is nice (except if you don't do your work) The lunches aren't that good and the pizza is TOO EXPENSIVE but I don't think that's the schools fault.

    Submitted by a student

    February 13, 2010

    Kelly Lane has been incredible for my child. The leadership and teaching is top notch and cares for all kids, especially for my 'minority' son.

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    November 18, 2009

    Kelley lane does not minority students and because of that minority students suffer.

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    August 26, 2009

    i am just a 6th grader and its my first week but i really love this school its fun the teachers are nice but the lunch lines are very slow so i suggest you pack a lunch!!!

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    June 2, 2009

    Kelly Lane Middle School (KLMS) is an excellent educational institution. The curriculm and staff at KLMS is nothing short of first class. One thing that I like about Kelly Lane is the staff is more concerned with student development than meeting numerical statistics or athletics. This is a first class middle school.

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    June 1, 2008

    I love this school. Has so many great things about it. So big, and wide I feel like im in a mansion. I am definetly looking forward to a great school year. Congrats to science olympiad. The sports team isn't doing so well but they are new and thay soon will do good. Go KLMS!!!!

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    April 7, 2008

    My 6th grader likes Kelly Lane very much! He has gained so much academic knowledge in his pre-ap courses, science olympiad, band and p.e. I commend his Math teacher for keeping us informed about homework and tests via e-mail. So far so 'great'! ~AF~

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